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Fast, easy, personalized healthcare.

Teams by Beam provides employees with telehealth solutions at home, at work, or on the road.


Healthcare where and when you need it.

We put the health of team members and their families first with our convenient, affordable, subscription-based telemedicine services.

Tele-Primary Care

Schedule check-ups and create custom care plans with a dedicated physician with zero costs for employees.


We provide access to specialists and specialty care without the wait nor the need to travel.

Tele-Mini Visits for Families

When the unexpected happens, our tele-mini visits allow you to seek care via text or call with your physician.

Mental Health Counseling

We provide resources, like counseling, to help you address mild-mod depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

Labs | Biomarkers

Proactive, annual wellness labs analyze overall health and find problems before they occur or become worse.


As a partner of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, we provide access to 700+ medications at no additional cost.

We make it easy to get the quality care you deserve.


Your employer signs up.

Teams by Beam works with your employer to provide team members with convenient access to tele-healthcare services, with zero costs to you.

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Enroll on the app.

Once your employer has been onboarded, you will get an invite from Teams By Beam. Enrollment takes less than 4 minutes, and you can add your family members, too.


Enjoy convenient care from anywhere.

We offer proactive tele-primary care, access to specialists, routine labs, 700+ medications mailed direct, and more – at no cost to you.

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For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

Employer do not have access to employee’s medical charts or how often a particular employee sees his or her provider/s.

They may receive general numbers, such as: “There were 100 active patients last month and they had 130 visits in total.”

Teams By Beam ships many commonly utilized medications directly to your doorstep. These include medications for anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, infection (antibiotics), pain, sexual dysfunction, thyroid, and more.

We currenlty offer more than 700 medications in partnership with Mark Cuban CostPlus Drugs. As the list of affordable medications continues to evolve, our goal is to provide you with the best value for your medications at all times. For an updated list of medications, click here

Team members can add their family members outside of their:

All-inclusive services (paid by the Employer)

  • Tele-Primary Care for the Employee

  • Tele-Mini-Visits for the Employee & Household

  • Tele-Mental-Health check-ins for anxiety, depression, and stress management

  • Access to Tele-Specialists for consults without the wait

  • Free generic medication shipped to your door. Click here to learn more about generic medications.

  • Annual wellness labs to proactively monitor your health

  • At home Xrays and Ultrasound (limited locations)

Add-On Services (paid by the Employee)

  • Ability to Add Family Members

  • At-Home Sleep Study

  • At-Home Holter monitoring

  • At-Home Glucose Monitoring

  • At-Home Spirometry (for COPD/Asthma Patients)

  • At-Home Oxygen Monitoring

Teams By Beam is a medical service membership and is not an insurance plan. Please see your Terms of Service for more information.

Add-ons you can afford.

While Teams by Beam provides routine care, access to specialists, labs, medications, and more, you can also obtain additional healthcare services at reduced costs. You can perform these tests at home with assistance from your clinical team, and your results will be reviewed by our board-certified providers.

Worried about sleep apnea?

Get a sleep study at home to test for sleep-related issues like sleep apnea.

Are you having palpitations?

Get a heart rhythm monitor sent to your home. Our team of cardiologists will provide a quality and timely interpretation.

Need to monitor your glucose closely at home?

Keep track of your glucose with a home glucose monitor and get input from our diabetic team on a weekly basis. 

Need to stay ahead of your Asthma or COPD?

Our respiratory therapists will proactively monitor your lung function tests with home breathing tests (spirometry). 

Looking for more?

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To learn more about the Beam Team and why we do what we do, visit our About Us page.

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